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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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hey ere's part of the outta again. >> i soon realized that one of the most amazing things about chicago -- tonight -- >> he gave speeches against donald trump, attacked his character. >> backlash grows over reports that governor mitt romney is being considered for secretary of state. >> i'm all for party unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. hillary clinton joins the wisconsin recount in a blatant attempt to undermine president-elect trump's victory nlt it's sad. the fact is she lost. >> former speaker of the house newt bring rich is here to react to all of this. plus tim tebow joins us in studio to talk about his book. well tcome to "hannity."
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hillary clinton joins the recount. a revolt is brewing over mitt romney potentially being secretary of state and i hope mr. donald trump follows through with investigating hillary clinton. over the weekend hillary clinton's campaign said it's supporting recount efforts that are led by green party candidate jill stein, happening in states like wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. this is insanity. it's all about trying to undermine a democratic election and of course donald trump's decisive victory. the idea for challenging election results come from a conspiracy theory that the alt-left left is claiming that the video machines were hacked maybe by the russians. they have no proof of any wrongdoing and both the white house white house and the wisconsin election commission said zero evidence whatsoever that that did happen. and it wasn't that long ago that
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hillary clinton was slamming donald trump for saying at the third debate that he would wait until after the election actually happened before accepting the results. remember how angry she was? >> that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around 240 years. we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. and then he's gone out and talked about rigged elections and he's trying to rile up all of his supporters at his rallies. and it's really painful to see this. but in that last debate he said something truly horrifying and that was that he wouldn't say he would accept the results of the election. this is his final target. our democracy itself. >> there's also the fact that during her concession speech hillary clinton said that the
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country should accept the results and support president-elect trump. let's take a look. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrined the peaceful transfer of power and we don't just respect that, we cherish it. >> now the double standard from hillary clinton and the alt-left radical left in the media is very appalling. why isn't the mainstream media con teming hillary for doing this? what happened to the peaceful transmission of power. these pins. s of american democracy apparently no longer apply to the alt-left radical left because their candidate lost. and are we supposed to be that jill stein is not getting anything out of this? interesting question. now to another story
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tonight. according to reports president-elect donald trump is considering picking mitt romney to be secretary of state. they're set to meet again tomorrow. but the idea of choosing romney to serve in the administration is causing major controversy inside the trump transition team. romney may be playing nice now but he viciously attacked donald trump during the election. take a look. >> if donald trump's plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into prolonged recession. now donald trump tells us that he is very very smart. i'm afraid though when it comes to foreign policy, he is very very not smart. here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. i can't sit by. what i'm am i going to do when
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my grandkids say what did you do to stop donald trump. i wouldn't vote for donald trump and i wouldn't vote for hillary clint clinton. i intend to vote for our nominee. >> beyond vicious. those are just a few of the attacks from romney. awashington to the "washington post" back in may, romney was part of a group of never trumpers that tried to recruit a third party candidate to try to stop trump there winning the white house. this is why the trump allies are speaking out against romney, for example, kellyanne conway is the latest to sound the alarm. >> he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump. there was the never trump movement and then there was mitt romney. he gave speeches against mr. trump. we don't know if he even voted for mr. trump. i'm hearing from people who say hey, my parents died penniless but i gave $216 to donald
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trump's campaign and i would feel betrayed. you have people saying i thought we got rid of this type. >> it is worth remembering that trump's core supporters, they stood strong every single day against romney and the quote never trumpers. to them, romney represents the establishment, everything they hate and voted against this year. also if i had to guess, i don't think romney pulled the lever for trump on election day. i understand the whole team of rivals concept very well, lincoln didn't have to worry about hi opponent's remarks being played all over cable news 24/7 and on social media. the final point we want to stress tonight is the hillary clinton e-mails investigation. mr. trump promised to investigate her but the president-elect recently told the "the new york times," quote, i want to move forward. i don't want to move back and i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she went through a lot. suffered greatly in many different ways and i'm not looking to hurt them at all. this isn't about hurting a
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former please dental political oppone opponent. this is about week wall justice under the law. not a two tiered where the elite and powerful are treated differently than all of us. this is what president-elect trump promised. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. she should be locked. she should. and if i win i am going to ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to look into her crimes, because what she did is a disgrace to the united states of america. when we win on november 8, we are going to washington, d.c.
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and we are going to drain the swamp. >> drain the swamp. lock her up. now there's no doubt he's going to have his hands full cleaning up the mess that's left behind by president obama. but donald trump does need to focus on plenty of other issues, like creating the jobs that americans need. but that doesn't mean he can't tell the fbi and department of justice to pursue the law, justice under the law, that means the clinton e-mail scandal and the foundation scandals. we know that obama's department of justice was protecting hillary clinton during the investigation and that the fbi is actively i investigating the clinton foundation. why not see where the factings lead without any outside interference. that's the opening monologue tonight. joining us with reaction, the u author of the best selling book "treason", nude gingrich. first about the recount. do you believe that jill stein with less than 1% is doing this
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all on her own? it's conspiracy week. hillary is thinking that the russians hacked into wisconsin voting machines. with can we say that hillary or her people are prompting jill stein? that seem plausible? >> well, first of all, you covered an amazing amount of ground in that opening report. i want to commend you. and you used video beautifully to get people to understand, you're simply giving them what actually happened. not your opinion. but they get to see for themselves. i thought it was brilliantly done. i think the recount mania is one more exam. of the collapse of the democratic party as a realistic institution. next we're going to be told that not only were the russians engaged but that there were martians who were secretly voting and they were all right
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wing martians and therefore we have to have a whole new election. think about it. you're seeing this also with keith ellison running for democrat national committee chairman. you're seeing the sort of nutty wing of the democratic party begin to take over. and what hillary said on election night was the right thing to say. if there was a realistic chance that they could turn three states and therefore turn the election, you could say all right, i get it. there's not. nobody believes they're going to turn pennsylvania period. you don't turn pennsylvania, nothing matters. probably impossible to turn wisconsin. too big a vote, too honest a state. even the white house conceded the russians weren't there. the martians weren't there. none of these explanations work. and then you've got michigan. the odds against them turning all three of those states, which is what they would have to do, are probably a trillion to one.
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>> probably 5 trillion. >> a large enough number that's ir rasual. >> it's been a shock phase, play dough, coloring books, aromatherapy, hot cocoa. i guess the next stage is going to be the radical left stage which is their anger. don't they really -- >> that's right. >> there's a motive to delegitimize donald trump. there's a play here. don't you think it's that? >> yeah, of course. but the problem they've got is they're doing it so badly, they're going to delegitimize themselves. they're going the end up looking silly. >> good point. >> and i think we should just say all of the nut cakes who want to gather and be part of the democratic party should feel very free to do so just don't ask the rest of us to take you seriously. if it's therapy for you to get together and whine and wimp eper and chant anti-trump, fine, america is a free country.
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you're allowed to be weird. >> free will. absolutely. let me move on. i find myself agreeing with you, mike huckabee, kellyanne and others i've talked to. i was off rarely for five straight days, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and i talked to a lot of people. people are shocked about the idea of two things, that donald trump made comments that we doesn't want to go after hillary necessarily and two that he might pick mitt romney to be his secretary of state.romney. i want to get your take on what it would be aed with bad idea. >> if the president-elect really for some reason wants romney, he simply needs to understand in advance that there is an enormous base that wanted to drain the swamp and they see romney as the swamp. they will not understand. i mean he has to decide is he willing to accept a very large
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part of his base being totally upset and feeling betrayed and alienated ar he's got to figure out a pretty good explanation. i can't quite imagine the introductory speech where president-elect trump explains why mitt romney makes any sense as secretary of state. i think it's an interesting situation. i don't know why he's letting it drag out the way it is. i gather they're going to meet again tomorrow. and it is his prerogative as the president-elect to pick who he wants. but he should understand that folks who are speaking out, whether that's mike huckabee or you or kellyanne conway or me, we're only speaking out on behalf of an amazing number of people who come up to us and tell us -- or e-mail us and s say -- they cannot understand -- i think it would be a huge mistake to betray that base on behalf of somebody -- this is
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not a team of rivals. there was nobody in lincoln's cabinet who was a bitter unending opponent all the way through the general election. no one. this is a totally phony comparison -- >> i think the things he said. >> i think it would be a significant mistake. >> he supported rubio in florida, kasich in ohio, mull lynns in utah, said he was a racist, misogynist, liar, every horrible thing he could say. i say this that if romney had won in 2012, he would have been a much better president. this doesn't work on any level, i just don't see it and i think he's setting himself up for trouble down the road. as you said, it's going to be his decision. not that anybody listens to me, i would strongly urge no on that. there's other qualified people. general petraeus was there today. i happen to be a big supporter
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of rudy for that position. but they haven't decided and we'll see which way it goes. >> let me join you in that for a second. rudy giuliani is the most effective turn around artist to be a mayor in my lifetime. he's had business dealings in 80 different countries, he understands the world. and you wouldn't get anybody tougher both in reforming the state department and in speaking to the world on behalf of america. and i really do hope that they decide in the end that rudy is the right guy to be secretary of state. i think he would do a terrific job. >> we're going the take a break. more with newt gingrich right after this. also coming up, earlier today, general david petraeus met with president-elect trump in new york city. petraeus is reportedly being considered himself as secretary of state. also, later tonight. >> i think at that moment when he said what he said about accepting the results of the election exposed himself as a coward.
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>> the alt-left radical left mainstream media hypocrisy is exposed. remember when they were freaking out about donald trump's comment about accepting election results? much more. also an 18-year-old somali refugee accused of carrying out a violent attack at ohio university and tim tebow tonight on "hannity." ♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. terrorism supported in today's attack at the ohio state university in columbus. a somali born student at the university plowed his car into students on campus and then began stabbing people. the attack injuring 1 is people before the police officer shot the suspect to death. the victims are expected to
7:19 pm
survive. law enforcement has identified the attacker as abdue razak ali artin, a student at the school. in other news, vice president elect mr. pence saying there will be important announcements tomorrow. president-elect trump met with candidates today. the lineup included general david petraeus. tomorrow he'll meet with mitt romney were another person mention fd for top democratic post. that a look at the news this hour. we taik yke you back now to "hannity." meeting went very well. was with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of the variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. >> general david petraeus earlier today after he met with
7:20 pm
president-elect donald trump in new york city, he is rumored to be in the running for secretary of state. we continue with fox news contributor news gingrich. he had a lot of people to choose from. rudy has got to be there, certainly general petraeus. it's an interesting example. he paid a price for a very tiny insignificant compared to hillary, issue voflg private information, confidential information. this raises this question -- >> general petraeus -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> david petraeus is a remarkable leader, enormous experience and brings a lot to it. let me also mention, if you want to look beyond rudy, and i don't, particularly, ambassador bolton would do a stunningly good job. he understands the state department, he has the toughness to fix it and i think you could find ten or 15 or 20 people who could do the job, any one of
7:21 pm
whom would be dramatically better than mitt romney. >> i tend to agree. but what about the issue of hillary clinton? i would say to donald trump, if anyone would listen to me, i would say mr. trump, it's not your decision. you can say that you wish the clintons the best, but the rule of law, doesn't it have to be followed? wouldn't it be the decision of the new attorney general and the justice department whether or not laws were broke, we can't have a two-tier justice system, swe have to have equal justice under the law? >> the best road forward. you do have some inherent sense that there might be somehow inappropriate political motivations. the best road forward would be for the new attorney general, jeff sessions, when he's approv approved, to appoint an independent person, a former federal judge, somebody that is widely regarded as above political partizan ship and have
7:22 pm
that person coordinate what is an fbi and intern revenue service investigation of the clinton foundation and the erk mail scandned e-mail scandals. it would be wrong for the president to intervene in the justice department to help somebody or hurt somebody. america has to be about the rule of law, not the rule of politicians. i would hope that -- it's fine for president-elect trump to say he personally has no ill will. but it would not be fine for him to say therefore he is personally going to exonerate the clintons and all of their staff and all of the other people that were involved. i don't think he has that kind of power, nor in a healthy free society should he. >> and in fairness, even if you wanted to say move on, well, president obama would have the opportunity, just like general ford pardoned richen nixon for crimes committed and may have
7:23 pm
been committed. the power of the pardon is absolute. president obama has the power to do that if he wanted to, right? >> he could although he would have to include a bunch of other people. there are other folks at risk in this thing, huma abedin or cheryl mills, there are a number of people at risk. but look, the founding fathers deliberately gave the president an extraordinary ability to pardon people and they thought it was an important tool in a healthy society precisely because they didn't want to see people politically persecuted for some reason. if president obama wanted to do that, that would be his power, his right to do that. whether or not the clintons would in fact accept that, it would have to include former president bill clinton which does carry with it in a sense a symbol of guilt, that's something they and their lawyers would have to work through.
7:24 pm
certainly president obama could do that. that would be totally legitimate. for that matter, president trump once he's sworn in could do the same thing. is that good for america? we want america to see if you're powerful enough and you have good enough connections that you're above the law. i think that's the grave danger of the obama justice department and i would hate to see it carried forward to the trump administration. >> i have 30 seconds left. you met with donald trump in new york last week and you want a position to help outside of if administration. did you talk specifically about that and can you tell us anything about it and was it offered to you? >> all i can say is that we had a great conversation. he is really on top of his game. he is leaning forward, he understands how big the job is and he talked about strategic planning and the need to have somebody look at the entire system, not just the presidency or not just one department and i
7:25 pm
think he's comfortable with that. and he indicated that he would be very supportive of my doing that. >> mr. speaker, good to see you. and up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> i think that moment when he said what he said about accepting the results of the election exposed himself as a coward. >> remember when the alt-left left mainstream media, they were losing their minds during the campaign because trump wouldn't bow to accept the election results until the election was over? what a turn of events. monica crowley, anthony scaramucci is here with reaction. plus an 18-year-old somali refugee who had permanent legal status here in the united states suspected of plowing his car into pedestrians at ohio state university earlier today. he also attacked people with a butcher's knife. geraldo rivera and sebastian gorka, they weigh in and the one and only tim tebow is here tonight in the studio, straight ahead. and big savings. like savings of $50
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call us or your advisor.e price. invest with confidence. welcome back to "hannity."
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the alt-left radical left mainstream media, the hypocrisy is on full display. remember during the campaign, donald trump wouldn't say for certain that he would accept the election results until after the american people actually voted and the media went nuts. take a look. >> i think this is a death vote for drufr. he had a strong first hour sounding like a conventional republican, which is good news for supporter bs, good news if you were looking for him to expand his support and then this. it undermines our democracy. it's way outside the tradition of our democracy and presidential races. >> he gave the impression last night that maybe he doesn't care what the process is. to me, he showed no respect for one of the foundational parts of the american political system. >> i think that moment when he said what he said about accepting the results of the election, exposed himself as a coward. >> is hillary a coward?
7:29 pm
where's the outrage now. here with reaction, the author of number two "the new york times" best seller, trump transition team committee member anthony scar mu chi, and monica crowley. this is taking candy from a baby, showing what colluding phony fake news hypocrites these people are. >> i heard one comment, well, mr. trump has shown no respect for the media and for this, you know, this institution where we're supposed to keep him and others in government accountable. well maybe he'll show them respect when they show him respect and they cove him in an objective fair way. how about that? >> the report i got when he had the media in there and he went liars, you're phony, you're this, called them out. we had one person in the room that cried when i got elected. it was great. wikileaks and all of the d
7:30 pm
discovery there, the media is fake. >> it's going to get worse. that's the problem. they were so wrong about this thing, the move now is to double down on the situation. jill stein has no shot. secretary clinton has no shot. the recount is a publicity sfunt and it's designed to garner fund-raising for jill stein. this is her last move on relevancy on the way to irrelevancy. what i'll say about the president-elect is that he would have accepted the results if he thought they were fair. >> that's what he said. >> that's all it was. they know the results were fair. president obama called secretary clinton and said you have to concede the race. 15 minutes after that call she made the call to the now president-elect. it's over, sean. >> there's no evidence. newt had a good analogy. this is like let's go to mars and talking about martians. this is a conspiracy. the very thing they attacked
7:31 pm
donald trump for she's guilty of. >> to disagree with my friend anthony, it's not over. they're not going to overturn -- >> delegitimizing. >> this is about delegitimizing his election and presidency. they're trying to delay the vote in the electoral college as long as they possibly can. and remember, the press has an ideological agenda and now they're personally opposed to the president-elect. >> listen, i want to take it further. they want to take him down now. they are going to start from today through his entire four years to hurt him and hurt any chance that he has ofaagenda. they got that play book during bush's -- he's going to be inaugurated on january 20th. >> absolutely. this is setting a backdrop to
7:32 pm
delegitimize every single thing he does as president. >> the people who need the crayons and the coloring books and the play dough and the hot cocoa and the aromatherapy, they're going to get angry. that shock and awe is going to become aaron and that anger is going to be focused on donald trump. the only advice i say to anybody who supports donald trump, you better be ready for a fight. ryan is not his friend, the democrats are not his friend. >> the "the new york times." and i think the donald trump understands that really well. >> you want a friend in washington, get a dog. >> he has something that the traditional politicians don't have, he has a protective shield around him because he created an emotional bond with the american people. they want to protect him, they view him as an underdog. >> as long as he stays with his promises. >> and from a communications standpoint, he promised to smash
7:33 pm
the corrupt rigged system, that includes the corrupt rigged media. >> i get the opportunity to sit in the tower with him. he's got unbelievable instincts on people. >> he does. >> and he's a phenomenal listener. >> you're telling me that romney is not going to get it. >> if he's listening to you. i didn't say he acts on everything you say. >> no. he listens. he's a good listener. >> he's got great instincts. >> i would love at the end of the day that we get all americans that want jobs jobs, balance our budget, energy independent, education sent back to the states, protecting our homeland. it would be a really successful presidency if he could do those things. >> the revenue growth is going to come from the energy side. wait until you see the proposals rolling out. at the end of the day we've got it under our feet. >> i'm late. >> when the president gets the economy roaring, it will silence everybody. 18-year-old somali rev gee
7:34 pm
suspected of carrying out an attack earlier today at ohio state, we've check in with geraldo rivera, sebastian gorka and later tonight, live in the studio, tim tebow.
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we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate another two hundred and fifty dollars to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. a quick acting ohio state officer is credited with saving lives by shooting the suspect in today's attack at ohio state university in columbus. a somali born student at the university plowed his car into students on campus then began stabbing them. 11 people are injured but all are expected to survive. the suspect has been identified as abdue razak ali artin. a student at the school. law enforcement sources are now looking into a facebook post believed to be from artin. the posting is described as a quote declaration against unfair treatment of muslims.
7:40 pm
also breaking this hour tonight, the city of gatlinburg in tennessee is being evacuated due to wildfires. according to local media, nobody is allowed into the city at this time. the national guard has been deployed to the area to help. i'm kelly wright, back now to "hannity." so earlier today an 18-year-old somali refugee and ohio state university student abdue razak ali artin is expected of driving his car on to the sidewalk of the columbus, ohio campus striking multiple pedestrians. he got out of the car began stabbing people with a butcher knife. police shot and killed artin. authorities are suspecting that the attack was terrorism. earlier this month on the campaign trail donald trump criticized america's ref goo program. he promis watch this. >> you've seen first hand the problems caused with the refugee
7:41 pm
program, large numbers of refugees pouring into the state, without your nonl, without your support or without your approval. nobody even knows where people are being placed. a trump administration will not admit any refugees without the support of the local community where they're being placed. >> joining us now with reaction, fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera and dr. sebastian gorka. this goes to the heart of what i've been saying. if you come from a country and a culture where men men can tell women how to dress and men can tell them whether they can drive or go to school or go to work and gays and lesbians are killed, values that are the an tissist of our values, you can't ascertain whether or not somebody is coming here to indoctrinate and advance a caliphate. there's in way to ascertain, is
7:42 pm
there? >> well, putting aside that issue just for a second, this guy, abdul artin came as a child. he was 18 years old -- >> and he lived in pakistan. >> -- age 11. >> that's seven years ago. >> i don't think he came with intent to commit this crime. i do think that there is a real cancer within the somali-american community, mostly around the twin cities. you've had 20 young men go from the twin cities back to africa to fight in the fight i know well. i've covered it. the somali, you know, al shabaab. they are all al qaeda-isis like group. they're brutal. this seems to be a self started self radicalized islamist. checking out this kid, in august he wrote a let tore the lantern, the ohio state, the buckeye newspaper where he said he's a
7:43 pm
muslim and he's worried about praying in public. so he must have or he apparently self radicalized the -- >> you're making a lot of assumptions here. >> my main assumption is, if you have a student who has a history of being troubled as he got out with the knife, then that is obviously what he did was terrorism. >> that's right. >> he's obviously radicalized. there he is a radical islamist terrorist, a lone radical terrorist and i believe that to be the case in this incident. >> that's the risk that america takes if we're taking people from countries with values that contradict our own. and apparently it's reported that he spent time in park stki dr. gorka. >> can't we jet sson some of th
7:44 pm
phrases? i'm fed of as these people being treated as the victims. we have local reporters saying they have no idea what the motivation is. this is exactly the same as the 2013 attack on lee rig by in lond london, a man run down by two jihadis and then they tried to decapitate him on the streets of england. nobody should be surprised at this. the obama administration has allowed 50,000 somali retch gees into the country in the last eight years. you cannot effectively vet people from places like somalia or active war zones. this is something we will see happen again and again and again if we use phrases like lone wolf and radicalized. this is clearly an individual who, from preliminary reports, chose that lifestyle and to kill his fellow americans and this will not be the last attack on u.s. soil.
7:45 pm
>> and we've got to have you back tomorrow, geraldo. i take such issue with your comments about fidel castro, a murdering thug dictator. >> let's debate tomorrow. >> our thoughts and prayers with the people at ohio state tonight. tim tebow is in the studio. we'll talk to him about his book, his new career with the new york mets and much much more straight ahead. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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. welcome back to "hannity". so tim tebow is out with a brand new book, called "shake it". he writes about some of the most challenging time in his career and how his fanl helped him. >> you say just because you have faith, i'm a christian, probably not as good as you. >> i love that you have been so out spoken with your faith. i think you've been punished for it. i don't understand the teams.
7:51 pm
if you're on a team, everybody in the stands says tebow shirts on. right? >> there will probably be a few of them. >> i was mad at my jets for not using them better. >> you got called in by the patriots and went to coach belichick and said i got a $1 million offer for one day's work. he said don't do it. >> i needed to be a teammate. i needed to be, to stay under the radar. so i was respectful of him. that is something we talked about the day i signed there. soy went in to him with the presentation and this is what they wanted me to do. but what do you think? he said i appreciate if you turn it down. i said yes, sir, no problem, done. >> three weeks later? >> yes. i got cut from the team. >> i'm not bitter at him for
7:52 pm
that. it was an amazing opportunity. i thought i'm going to learn from tom brady. the best to ever do it. >> the best. >> he is. and he's going to retire and play for coach belichick and win super bowls. and then, i get cut from the team. it felt like a sucker puvenl. i remember flying home i have no home, no car, no one wants me to do what i want to do. this is book is written where it feels like everything around you is shaken. now, what do i do? what do i hold on to? what is my foundation? many times in life we feel like we're defined by certain things, our identity is found in certain things. what happens when you're an nfl player and that goes wrong? when you find find your identity in a relationship and it goes wrong. and the goal of the book if you pick it up with your head down, finish with your head held high,
7:53 pm
god has an awesome plan for your life. >> i know you're trying with the mets. you've got the first pitch and knocked it out of the park. the first pitch. what is that? that is crazy. >> not quite. but i tell you what. i got lucky on that one. that is fun. >> you did well. i noticed end of the season you did well. so what is your plan? >> continue to train and then, spring training figure out where they want me to go and take it from there. it's a blessing i get to do two sports that i loved since i was four years old and play both and have a lot of fun. >> we wish you the best. >> thanks, sean. >> you know what? you're a great example for kids. i know a lot of athletes, seems more controversial and more notoriety to kids. you're able to bring another side, which is great. >> i think the awesome thing about sports is that all you do is win or lose a game or score
7:54 pm
touchdowns and hit home runs people are going to forget about that. if you can transcend whatever sport to impact lives, and put a smile on their face that is something better. >> how many lives have you saved playing baseball? >> i've been blessed to be there to support the people. >> one guy in the plane, one guy in the stands. tim tebow, good book. >> thank you. >> up next a very-important question of the day. it has to do with hillary and elections, straight ahead. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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8:00 pm
be sure to tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. marco rubio, laura ingraham among our many guests. that is all the time we have tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. address @ tucker carlson. o'reilly is next. >> >> girls and i in the bathroom were shaken up we are like did this actually really happen. media instinct is kind of that it's not real. >> chaos at ohio state today. looks like some terrorists put some students? real danger. we'll have an update. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. you all live for it. >> another higher education controversy in massachusetts as the american flag has been banned from a campus there. we will tell you all about it. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> fidel castro not of this earth anymore, but the left still loves


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